Hyacinth Bucket Challenge

Thanks to Josh for his nomination. I have donated to MND Australia. You might like to donate to them too, or any other cause close to your heart.



Whoa. Weird that his family never reported him missing?!

Hermit man. 


I love Ricky Gervais and I love Netflix, but this ad is just ok..


For a more ordered life, organise like a chef.

We call our house ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ for different reasons..

Star Wars: The Despecialised Edition

Squee! Children gather in front of the TV. Oh, you’re already here.

Star Wars: The Despecialized Edition

Instructions here.

Via here: kottke.org

Expensive shoebox

How to fill a shoebox in the most expensive way possible..

I’d fill it with food purchased at the airport.

Trek training

So people keep asking me how my training for the trek is going, as if they somehow can’t tell from my finely chiseled physique?!

It’s going great. Legs has drawn up a comprehensive training program of which I regularly complete 10 to 15 percent. Tonight I knocked off 10 Kokodas. It was a little disheartening that most people were running up and down the fucking thing but there is an ancient Nepalese proverb:

Khane mukhlai junggale chhekdaina.

Roughly translated, it means: You might as well take your time, because you’re probably going to pass out from altitude sickness in Tengboche.​

That’s not a spork..

I might need one of these to eat my lentils on the trek.

That’s not a spork..

I might need one of these to eat my lentils on the trek.

My favourite fielder.

Reminds me of some of my own fielding prowess.

Sopranos trial run..

I love The Sopranos, but I’ve never watched The Rockford Files, a bit before my time. Anyhoo, I guess I’ve got to watch these episodes now. Yay for Netflix!

The 1979 “Rockford Files” Episode that Inspired “The Sopranos”

via Kottke.org

You’re doing fucking what?!

So rather than die in vain on this godforsaken mountain, we thought we’d raise some money for Cancer Council WA. Sure, we’d probably be better served raising money for Nepalese Search and Rescue, but fuck it, good cause and all that.

Just to be clear, we’re not actually climbing Mount Everest. We’re ‘trekking’ to the bit where the proper mountain climbers go to stretch before actually climbing the gigantic fucking mountain. I think trekking is just like walking, but with expensive boots. We would totally climb the whole thing, but Legs couldn’t get the time off work.. 

So yeah, go here if you want to donate some money: http://wa.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/legsandgreeny

Bibbulmun: Day 2

Except Legs decided we were going to go to John Forrest National Park and do the ‘Eagle View’ trail. The real reason he wanted to come here was so we could use our headlamps in the old train tunnel. Which admittedly was pretty cool..

​So yeah, not as wet today which was nice, but I did get a blister, so I should probably get that travel insurance in order because the first blister I see on Everest I’m getting choppered off that fucking mountain.

Anyhoo, I’ve probably walked further in the last two days than I ever have before in my life.. sober anyway, so I’m taking the rest of the week off.

New Blog

This blog is moving here: www.2earsandaheart.com

But this stuff is staying here.

Have fun Jake! (That’s him in the sky!) (at Qantas Domestic Airport Perth - Qantas Club Lounge)

Have fun Jake! (That’s him in the sky!) (at Qantas Domestic Airport Perth - Qantas Club Lounge)